Received on the 28th May 2015

Many thanks Pat,


What an excellent foundation the HFCT has created for the permanent preservation of this important remnant coastal forest, and its many tiny inhabitants.

Having served on the Natal Parks Board for 11 years, I assure you that we appreciate this accomplishment in no small measure. We are thrilled and delighted at the prospect of being a neighbour to all those living in that forest. We have walked through there a couple of times and hope to do so even more frequently, once we are permanently settled on the estate.

Thank you once again for communicating the details.

Best wishes and kind regards,


Pat Goss


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Receive on 29th May 2015


Hawaan Forest Instawalk


The Enchanted Forest Walk


As part of the We Love Cities campaign, an initiative hosted the World Wildlife Fund, eThekweni Municipality engaged in a number of activations around the city to promote their, We Love Durban campaign. The aim of this campaign was to create awareness and highlight the sustainability and conservation initiatives in and around the City. In conjunction with I Love Durban, the digital partner for the campaign, the Hawaan Forest Conservation Trust was approached to host one such activation. The Hawaan Forest was chosen, as it is an exceptional example of how to live in harmony with the environment.


The activation that was proposed to the trust was themed “An Enchanted Forest Instawalk” An Instawalk is when a group of people get together to explore a place, while documenting their experience with photos using Instagram, (a smart phone app) In this activation everyone sees the forest in a different way, and the different perspectives are captured and shared with other people on Instagram.


After following the due processes that were required to gain approval from the Conservation Board to allow the event to take place, an invitation was sent to members of SMIN (Social Media Influences Network) requesting their participation in the event. The response was phenomenal, and as the walk was limited to a certain amount of people, it was unfortunate that quite a few people could not attend.


The initial walk was scheduled for the 09th of March 2014 but due to incumbent weather predictions, the walk was postponed to the 16th of March 2014. As we announced the re-scheduling of the event, we were again inundated with requests of people asking to attend.


The event that took place on the 16th of March was a tremendous success, with every person that RSVPed attending. Guest of the walk arrived by 8h00 ready to explore the hidden wonders of the forest. The guests converged at the designated meeting point and were spoken to by Miss. Pat Naicker, who gave the guests some history and insight into the development of the Hawaan Forest Conservation Trust. She introduced the guide, Ms. JOCELYN SUTHERLAND assisted by Mr. Peter Burger and Mr. Rob Jamieson.


The walk then commenced with Instgramers and photographers excited and happy to click away at the amazing scenery that lay ahead of them. With the guides being an absolute wealth of knowledge regarding the flora, fauna and wildlife around the forest, tweets and instagrams were being loaded for people to see the beauty of the forest.


Guests were taken in smaller groups through the narrower trails to see things like marking that denoted the use of the forest by indentured laborers that used the forest in the past. This was of much interest to many of the guests, indicating the public desire to know more about the history and heritage of areas that surround them. Throughout the walk, people listened intently to information that was given to them regarding the trees and plants. People happily posed around unique plants and trees capturing the rare chance to be within the estate while absorbing all the information that the wonderful guides had to offer.


The walk concluded underneath the highly anticipated and legendary Fig Tree, where the guests seated themselves under for refreshments and a Q & A session with the guides, as well as Miss. Naicker sharing more information about the forest.


Many of the invitees took the opportunity of higher perches to gather more photos of the breathtaking scenery around them. The feedback that was received from them was one of awe and amazement about the forest.


With guests ages ranged from 20 – 35 years old, we were thrilled to be able to pass on such valuable knowledge onto them, as many were not familiar with the detail of the forest or even the existence of such conservation in Durban. The fact that this type of landscape and natural preservation can exist being surrounded by the heavily developed northern areas of Durban was a source of bewilderment to them. The forest is a hugely appreciated escape from city living, ironically located almost center of up and coming city-styled development.


The Hawaan Forest Conservation Trust is now known to many more as a treasured gem of Durban. The activation has brought on board many more people that are equally as protective and proud of this amazing landmark. The knowledge and mix of different perspectives has encouraged the public to preserve such pieces of land and more importantly, the ability of people to treasure and respect nature in their spaces.


Hosting of similar types of controlled events would be hugely beneficial to expose people to success of the estate and the preservation of nature. Hawaan Forest is by far the leading example of how new residential developments should align themselves with conservation of environment and nature, as well as the respect shown to the wildlife that resides there. It really is the tree from which people should be taking a leaf out off. Not literally though, as we are as determined as the trustees to preserve this jewel of nature.


Thank you to the Hawaan Forest Conservation Trust for allowing us to experience the beauty and natural wonder that exists in our beautiful city and thank you for the commitment that you have towards preserving the land which so many of us call home.


Carver Media.


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Received on 25 June 2015


As a local resident for many years I was very upset with the state of the hawaan, but the work that the conservation trust has done has been truly remarkable, well done to all involved.


Johan van Zyl

Received on 25 June 2015


We love walking on the forest but many years ago the problems started, with denuded alien invasive elements, and I am not talking about people. Now the place is wonderful again. Thank you conservation trust, you have done a great Job!


Sadie Terry

Received on 25 June 2015


One of the finest examples of Conservation Trust work can be seen at the hawaan forest. The conservation trust has worked tirelessly for years against many naysayers, but they stuck to their guns and now a wonderful forest environment is occurring. Good job!


Kt Walton

Received on 25 June 2015


I must say the website you have created on the World Wide Web is a useful tool to document all the species and record things...good idea!


Donald Henry



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