Gallery - Residential Estate Photography



Photographer: Pat Naicker

Date: 17July 2015


“ The Estate has a strict rule of “no cats or dogs” due to the environmental sensitivities of the forest  surrounds . Having adhered to this rule as strictly as possible , the bird life thrives  on the Estate …. And certainly our residents who have bought into the rules find innovative alternatives  to having pets on the Estate  and which are more conducive to HFE living … as can be seen by “ Guava” interacting with one of our Gardeners – Thandiwe “



Photographer: Pat Naicker

Date: 12 September 2015


“Visitors to the Estate“



Photographer: Maricel Grindlay

Date: 30 September 2015



Photographer: Roy Tosen

Date: 26 January 2016


“ Where the life you lead is more than your own”



Photographer: Roy Tosen

Date: 16 October 2016


“ Our family of Egyptian Geese: Sited near Hickory Hollow"



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